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Re: SSH into XP: mapped network drives disappeared!

> Ah, common problem.  You've queried the wrong list.  See 
> <>.

Okay thanks, I'm in the process of trying to subscribe to it now.

>>> 'net use' before the 'slogin' shows the Y: drive, and obviously I 
>>> can cd to /cygdrive/y. 'net use' after 'slogin' shows Y: is there 
>>> but "not  available", and attempting to cd to /cygdrive/y obviously fails.
>>> I've read, and indeed this 'net use' check seems to confirm, that this 
>>> is not a Cygwin problem at all, but an XP problem.
>> My understanding is that network mapped drives will be marked Unavailable 
>> IFF you did a "passwordless" login (however you managed to accomplish a 
>> "passwordless" login). However I just tried an ssh passwordfull login and 
>> mapped drives are listed as Unavailable! Guess my understanding of this is 
>> screwed up!

Exactly what I experience too; my PC account has a password (stored somewhere
centrally), SSH requests authentication using this password (i.e. no 
.rhosts/.shosts/publickey). But still the drives are not available.

> Not necessarily.  Did you try to access the mapped drives?  They're still
> accessible, even though they're not "available".  I'm not sure why Windows 

Err ... how do you mean? What Cygwin commmands are you running that show
they're still accessible? I mean I try cd'ing, or ls'ing and all report
no such directory.


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