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Re: Serious problem with win32 pthreads crashing and c++ class

Hi Ross,

What you've just said now really baffeles me cause, the pthread-win32 page
is being hosted by red-hat which makes cygwin: or is this address just a mirror
from somewhere else?

In any case I've obtained the cygwin version of gcc and other tool chains
including libs etc from using the install program they
provide. The latest version of their tool chain is "cygming special
release" I have no idea what that exactly means but all i know is most of
my unix code except for this threading stuff ports really well using this
version of compiler+tool chains. I've done a google search for the term and
mainly results releating to postings on the cygwin mailing list appear.

this is the url:


Arash Partow

PS: seems like i've been barking up the wrong tree... :(

Cygwin has it's own POSIX threads support and won't be compatible with pthreads-win32. My Google search for 'cygming special' only turned up vague references in mail archives. By the name it's some kind of merge between Cygwin and Mingw. Can you point me to a web page that will give me more detail about it?


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