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Re: Serious problem with win32 pthreads crashing and c++ class

Arash Partow wrote:
The prototype initially creates 700 threads all of which are contained in a
vector (threadList), each thread does some "simple" string processing
(basically tokenize a string) and then exists. On completion of the thread,
the thread sets its own state in the thread-class to dead.

Another thread called GarbageCollector, which is created before the other
threads are created, is continually traversing the threadList, looking for
dead threads, once a dead thread is found, it deletes the pointer pointing
to the thread class in the list, creates a new thread and adds it to the
end of the list. Hence continually maintaining the number of threads being
run at any one time, (hopefully)

Hi Arash,

i can confirm that this is a bug in cygwin.
I will apply my changes when your testcase runs successfull over night, therefore this should be fixed one of the next snapshots.

Thanks for your stress test.


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