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[bug] tar (1.13.25-3) -g --recursive always archieve files in subdirectories


I am making incremental backup of my data using script, containing following line:

tar -g $ARCHNAME.list -X $ARCHNAME.exclude --recursive -c $DIRECTORY | bzip2 -9 > $BACKUPDIR/$ARCHNAME-$BACKUPTIME.tar.bz2

to archieve my data. This expected to create incremental archieves, and it works well with tar 1.13.25-1 (e.g. only changed files are archivated on next run of script). With tar 1.13.25-3 I noticed, that files, located in the subdirectories of main data directory ($DIRECTORY) are always archivated, even if they weren't changed. I suspect, that this situation is a bug.
Now I am using tar 1.13.25-1 to avoid this situation. Unfortunately, I have no possibility to test tar 1.13.25 on UNIX-like systems. My system information: Windows 98 SE, Current Cygwin (cygwin 1.5.5-1) installation except tar. If you need additional information, please ask.
Thank you for your attention, hope that this is information will be useful.

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