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re: little dll help

Thanks Gerrit!
It is working now :-)

I started out a couple of days ago reading about
tcl/tk in another couple of newsgroups.  I then found
about swig and liked it because i took some
introductory c++ in college and didnt want to lose C++
totally in any project i might work on.  Now i can
export some c++ functions into tcl scripting language.
 The cool part is i was trying to learn by using vc++
6 and found there is too many settings in that studio
to figure out what is going on.  The linux command
line way of doing it looked like less headache for
this.  So i downloaded cygwin when i found out it is
like linux except works with windows.  The sample that
came with swig named simple did work perfectly though
"out of the box" in vc++ 6 and that helped me figure
out a little of what was going on to help direct me in
the transition to cygwin. 

thanks again,

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