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Re: pwd option to return windows path

> As has been previously pointed out, the point of cygwin is to present a
> UNIX environment to users.  We do not go out of our way to modify every
> executable in the distribution so that it provides an MS-DOS look and
> feel for those who are not comfortable with UNIX path names.
> We've provided the cygpath utility, in true UNIX fashion, as a tool
> for converting back and forth between windows and cygwin paths.  You can
> use it or not.  We are not going to be changing pwd, ash, bash, tcsh,
> ksh, and zsh to include cygpath options.
> While I fully appreciate that this may not satisfy your need to use
> MS-DOS paths in the cygwin environment it it fully consistent with
> the project goals.  I'd ask that you respect the goals rather than
> consistently suggest that we should be making MS-DOS concessions.

I'm not going to belabor the point, but this point of view makes -Mno-cygwin
basically useless. And hence, any flag such as a MINGW mode impossible.

In order to use it effectively, every single module/item that is ported to 
mingw expects to see certain behaviors, as generated by the msys tools. One example 
was uname, here's another example - pwd. Like it or not, msys and mingw are connected 
at the hip, and the more modules I compile, the more I see this. 

It is not reasonable to expect people to port their code both to mingw *and* 
-Mno-cygwin. And since mingw is connected to win32 far more than cygwin, people will 
port to mingw in greater numbers.  

If you want to discuss this, then we can do it in private. Your request that I
only discuss 'certain things', in 'certain boundaries' is not fair, and 
I won't do it. If you disagree with what I post, please ignore it. 

But at the same time, I don't want to start another huge flame war, so talk to me 
offline if you feel strong enough about it.


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