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Re: pwd option to return windows path

On Tue, Oct 21, 2003 at 04:50:15PM -0700, Edward Peschko wrote:
>I think that the same options that are on cygpath should also be on
>pwd; this might make things a little more user friendly.

As has been previously pointed out, the point of cygwin is to present a
UNIX environment to users.  We do not go out of our way to modify every
executable in the distribution so that it provides an MS-DOS look and
feel for those who are not comfortable with UNIX path names.

We've provided the cygpath utility, in true UNIX fashion, as a tool
for converting back and forth between windows and cygwin paths.  You can
use it or not.  We are not going to be changing pwd, ash, bash, tcsh,
ksh, and zsh to include cygpath options.

While I fully appreciate that this may not satisfy your need to use
MS-DOS paths in the cygwin environment it it fully consistent with
the project goals.  I'd ask that you respect the goals rather than
consistently suggest that we should be making MS-DOS concessions.

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