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cygwin performance

Has anyone done any testing on performance of cygwin utils over their native win
counterparts? The one that bothers me the most is the performance of cygwin "Find"
and the windows 'find'. If I'm just looking for filenames (find /c/ -name \*.wav) vs.
looking for *.wav in windows find GUI, the performance difference is very large (maybe
8-10x?). Is this unavoidable because the way cygwin does emulation or can optimizations
be performed that would benefit all programs (not just find).

Even using 'perl' over combo's of cat|tr|sed|grep|more is significantly faster to almost
make the old unix standard scripting commands near worthless (I've gotten more efficient at
1-line perl scripts ala (perl -e '....').

Perhaps it is unavoidable, but I see things like find doing 2 'opens' / file when it is
searching for files...can't it just do a 'stat' of some nature? does it need to do an open, let
alone 2?

Just wondering....


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