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Re: Executing programs. Cygwin on NT vs XP

At 12:55 PM 10/20/2003, Francisco Iacobelli you wrote:
>I installed cygwin on NT and on XP. the NT
>installation works great. I
>compiled the same program using make on both (the
>program name is
>Now, on XP I go to the directory where the executable
>is and I have to
>type "./fid" to execute it. The program doesen't run
>well either (it
>is not reading a config file in the same directory)
>On NT, on the other hand, I go to the directory where
>the executable
>sits and i can call it just by typing "fid", and
>everything works
>Any advice?...

Yes.  Read up on shells ('man bash' or 'info bash' may be enough) and/or get
yourself a good UNIX handbook.  This isn't a Cygwin-specific question.
See <> for guidelines on the areas this 
list covers and the proper protocol for reporting problems to it.

Apparently you've add "." to your path on NT.  This is considered a 
security issue, so you may want to consider removing it.  However, it is
convenient.  Whichever way you decide to use the shell, this should be 
enough information for you to make your environments consistent.  As for the
differences you're seeing when running on XP, you could do some simple
debugging like comparing the environments but it's probably quickest and 
easiest to just build 'fid' for debugging and take a peek inside to see 
where the problem is.

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