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RE: Is there a 'ping' in cygwin?

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> Sent: Monday, October 20, 2003 10:05 AM
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> Subject: RE: Is there a 'ping' in cygwin?
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> Now do I bother writing something to rename all .EXE to lower 
> case? I don't
> think so.
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I already did for similar reasons.  It doesn't recurse directories and
it renames ALL files (not just .exe), but it does work.

[- perl script -]
# This script will take files names that are in
# capital letters and convert them to lower case
# letters.  I'm going to use the easy way.  Copy
# the file to a temp file, delete the original,
# then copy the temp file back to the original
# file name in lower case letters.

use File::Copy;

$PathToFiles = $ARGV[0];

@FileNameList = glob("*.*");
foreach $FileName (@FileNameList) {
	$FileNamelc = lc $FileName;
	print "$FileName renamed to $FileNamelc\n";
[- /perl script -]

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