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RE: Is there a 'ping' in cygwin?

Sent: 20 October 2003 15:37 From: Christopher Faylor
>On Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 10:09:59AM +0100, Hughes, Bill wrote:
> >Sent: 18 October 2003 13:57 From: Thorsten Kampe
> >Without the symlink I have to use 'PING.EXE', with it I can use 'ping'.
> >Cygwin has two main benefits for me - it makes windows usable (mainly for
> >work) and it helps me migrate to linux at home. Hence I would prefer to
> >as unix/linux like as possible - so I use "check_case:strict".
> Seems like a simpler solution would be to:

> mv PING.EXE foo
> mv foo ping.exe

Or rename it in explorer.
I didn't do that is I 'PING' wouldn't work and 'PING.EXE' did, so I
(mistakenly) assumed that I would have to use 'ping.exe' and I hate typing
extra chars when I'm concentrating.
Why does cygwin worry about the extension for upper case program filenames,
but not lower case?
Now do I bother writing something to rename all .EXE to lower case? I don't
think so.

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