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Re: setup.exe what versions ?

On Mon, 20 Oct 2003, David Balazic wrote:

> Hi!
> I already have cygwin installed and want to install gcc ( I do not have
> it currently installed ).
> I run setup.exe, and have two options for gcc , versions 3.3.1-2 and 3.2-3.
> Now I had some problems last time with some experimental package
> versions that are not compatible to the rest and therefore do not work
> at all.
> So my question is, which gcc version is non-experimental ?
> The older version ?
> I there some simple rule ?
> Thanks in advance !
> David

The simplest thing you can do is look at the announcements for each
version and see whether they mention anything special (like requiring
Cygwin 1.5.*).  The announcements are in the cygwin-announce archives (at,
for example, <>).  HTH,
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