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Re: sshd and cat

* Asif Iqbal (2003-10-19 01:45 +0200)
> Today is the first time I am using cygwin in my XP.

You've just discovered the real thing. Improve your experience by
reading the FAQ and the User's Guide.

> I am trying to run cat and it says command not found

Well, these dumb computers. This could mean that either the package
containing 'cat' is not installed or the executable is not in $PATH.

A search for the package at

leads to the conclusion that you have to have "textutils" installed.

> Also when I try to start sshd it fails not finding /etc/sshd_config
> file

Please follow the installation guidelines at

> The third thing I just noticed I can't copy using my mouse.

Yes, you can. If you are using the windows console you can enable this
in the properties dialog and if you are using rxvt you just have to
select the text.

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