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I have some questions about installing cygwin for using XEmacs.
I installed the newest versions of Texlive, Cygwin and XEmacs. During the installation of Cygwin with the following packages
the default ones, crypt, gettext, groff, jpeg, less, libdb3.1, libntl, libpcre0, libpng10, libpng12, libPropList, make, man, mktemp, ncftp, openssh, pcre, perl, perl_manpages, rpm, rpm-doc, tiff, unzip, wget, WindowMaker and xpm-nox
I get the following error-message:
rpmd.exe - Component not found
the application can't be started, because cygbz2-1.dll couldn't be found. (translated from german)
I try to reinstall with the same error-message (from an other mirror).
Is it true that cygbz2-1.dll comes with the package libz2_1?
I was looking in the setup.log if there is an error or something, couldn't found anything (couldn't found the package at all).
Then I was looking in the setup.log.full, there I found the package but without any errors. There are no errors at all.
I installed then XEmacs (in Cygwin mode) and want to use the packages preview-latex. If I run latex in XEmacs, XEmacs hangs (started in Cygwin).
I'm not sure that XEmacs hangs because of this error while installing Cygwin, but could anybody give me a hint?
(I was following the instruction under
(I was reading the FAQ, searching the mailing-list and so on, but couldn't found anything about this) 
and sorry for my terrible english
Thank a lot 

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