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cygwin hanging/wedging, again

i've heard no responses at all to my previous message concerning cygwin hanging.

there appear to be various different problems going on.

1] calling telnet from within expect results in telnet.exe wedging with 100% CPU

at one point i saw a

send: invalid spawn id (4)
  while executing "send XXXXXXXX\r" [i.e. my login]
    (file "/ben/bin/t66" line 5)

coming from expect.  i don't know if this makes any difference.

2] printing out weird characters from within a telnet results in telnet.exe
wedging with 100% CPU time. perhaps same as previous.  this is highly
predictable if i run tail [or probably just cat] on my procmail.log file.  last
time i tried it, it hung on this line:

 Subject: (RAZOR2_CHECK) (PYZOR_CHECK) (DCC_CHECK) (RCVD_IN_SBL) You\x92ve been

which has only one weird character in it.

i've tried attaching to the telnet process, but the backtrace is garbage:

#0  0x77fa144c in ntdll!DbgUiConnectToDbg () from /WINNT/system32/NTDLL.DLL
#1  0x7c57feb4 in KERNEL32!DebugActiveProcess ()
   from /WINNT/system32/KERNEL32.DLL
#2  0x7c57b382 in lstrcmpiW () from /WINNT/system32/KERNEL32.DLL
#3  0x0629fcbc in ?? ()
#4  0x77f98191 in wcstoul () from /WINNT/system32/NTDLL.DLL

3] running bash from a .bat file.

this is what i've got:

@echo off

rem Cygwin's original had these two lines but none of the set lines.
rem #c:
rem chdir \bin

set MAKE_MODE=unix
set CYGWIN=tty
set PATH=C:\bin;C:\usr\local\bin;%PATH%
bash --login -i

it's bound to a button on a toolbar across the bottom of the screen.  when i run
it, much of the time the console opens and then bash wedges.  this is *NOT* a
new problem; i've seen it for years.  interestingly, if you hit the spacebar a
couple of times when the console first opens, you never get wedging.

no cpu time associated with the wedged bash; HOWEVER, i left some of these
wedged consoles sitting for awhile, and 12 hours later noticed that two of them
were pegging at 100% cpu, and some 7000 page faults per second!  i have no idea
what was happening.


anyone have any hints, suggestions, etc.?  the telnet problem in particular is
extremely annoying.


the hanging that i've seen appearing recently always seems to happen inside of a
telnet session.  it's possible that it's not actually new, since when i think
about it

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