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Re: Is there a 'ping' in Cygwin?

* Hughes, Bill (2003-10-17 15:07 +0200)
> Sent: 17 October 2003 12:59 From: Thorsten Kampe
>> * Hughes, Bill (2003-10-17 13:31 +0200)
>>> Apologies if this is as dumb as it seems to me, but is 'ping' available
> in
>>> Cygwin from the prompt?
>>> I have almost everything installed, and short of using the perl or ruby
>>> modules I don't seem to have any ping available in Cygwin.
>>> e.g.
>>>  $ ping
>>> bash: ping: command not found
>> Same as under Windows, NetWare, Linux or any other decent Operating
>> System: either specify the whole path to "your" ping or take care that
>> "your" ping is in the "PATH" environment variable. Easy, isn't it?
>> FYI: The default /etc/profile and /etc/zprofile take care that the
>> default path for ping.exe is in bash/zsh $PATH if the default path is
>> in your Windows PATH variable (and that is also the default under
>> Windows).

> That's how I thought it worked, and it was in my path - or so I thought.
> Somehow my path was wrong in Cygwin - it contained
> "/cygdrive/c/WINNT/System32" which looked ok (too much windows) - but it
> should have been SYSTEM32, and I should be using PING.EXE too. This comes
> from using "check_case:strict" I suspect.

Case sensitivity doesn't make much sense. Even check_case:adjust has
problems with 'updatedb'.

> Is this expected behaviour - I mean did my changing $CYGWIN to include
> "check_case:strict" break the default setup?


> I shall now fix my path and create symlinks so 'ping' works.

There's no sense in creating symlinks if you fix the PATH.

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