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Re: ash does not understand '~'

Hannu E K Nevalainen wrote:

I'm not that concerned about Amiga OS.

I'm not surprised.

Did you even read what I've left unsnipped above,

I glanced at it. Even went on line and googled around for Amiga OS a little. Too much info too little time. As I said I'm not that concerned about Amiga OS that much. Ancient OSes are of little interest to me except as historical reading...

which was my main point. The Amiga references was given as an _example_ of an OS where bash et al are _HARD_ to port, others may well exists, this was the one *I* knew about.

Honestly I don't know much about it. Is it even Unix like?

More so than D.O.S. (i.e. cmd/command) is.

Who ever said that DOS was "unix like"!?! Hell we aren't discussing whether or not "~" is understood by DOS (cmd/command)!?!

Given the contents of geekgadgets the "unix-likeness" is or could be at the same level as cygwin
provides - in some areas better, others lesser.

Then it should therefore sport a modern shell that at least understands "~", no?

('could be' as the development has "stopped")

Sorta like Latin, eh?

Well - whatever, this os OT. :-] lets stop it.

But it's fun! :-)

I know, I know, old habits die hard and that is essentially my point. I remember one time complaining about HP-UX not recognizing the backspace key when logging into a tty. Old timers there quickly told me that del = backspace which, to me at the time, was totally weird. Why put a key on a keyboard labelled backspace which does not do backspace?!? Why have del do a backspace instead?

One old timer piped up "Well in the old days sonny! [embellishing here a little bit] we only had teletypes and if you looked at a the keys there the DEL key was a lot easier to hit than the backspace key" to which I gave a puzzled grin and replied "Who's using teletypes anymore?".

Another old timer remarked that the user could actually want a backspace in their password to which I could think of two responses: 1) "What if they wanted DEL?" and 2) "If they are wierd enough to want a backspace in their password then they should have to escape it!".

OK, I had my quota of fun for this Friday. See y'all next week! :-)
I used up all my sick days, so I'm calling in dead.

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