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Re: Is multithreaded profiling on cygwin possible?

Hi Brian
 Thanks very much for your comments.

 I think I have changed my approach so that it is broadly similar to
your suggestions, but may differ in some details.

 I have dropped the RNG. I dont think it is necessary or warranted.
 I have dropped the dll import library concept.

 I would agree that Corinna's suggestion about WaitForSingleObject is
probably better, though I havent yet done it that way.

 My current approach is to keep track of the time accumulated
by each thread, and when it has exceeded the amount represented
by a profiling period, assign the tick to the current PC,
and subtract that amount of time from the running total for the
thread. So it always adds up, anyway.

 I still have it so that each thread that is to be profiled calls
moncontrol(1). Also, an application compiled and linked without
-pg could always use the "profil" call in a similar way.
Each thread would call profil with identical parameters.

To do the DLL's, I have added a linked list of profiling ranges
to profil.c. These ranges are specified using an environment
variable. The ranges may be DLL specific, or general memory ranges.
There is a separate data file output upon program termination
for each range, in addition to gmon.out.

 If a dll has not been stripped, gprof will use the data file
and the dll to output a flat profile, but without call counts though.
(At least this works with cygwin1.dll)

 I have written a simple utility to summarise the information
in these data files, giving flat addresses and CPU usage.

 Peter Garrone

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