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Re: decent fonts for rxvt in cygwin

> >So, right now, I'm scrolling through the 2000 or so fonts returned by 
> >xlsfonts, manually looking through each one.
> >
> >Any better way to do this?
> Control Panel: Fonts?
> Run Xwin.exe? Proceed as on Solaris.
I must have mis-installed cygwin-xfree.. don't see xwin in any of my cygwin 
directories I installed, and I'm pretty sure I installed Xfree86. I use exceed as my 
xwindow server, so it never really phased me.

> > Personally I use:
> > 
> > *font:                          "Lucida Console-*-16"
> > 
> > Note you could start an X server then script though:
> > 
> > rxvt -fn "$font_name"
> > 
> > rxvt is resizable via the normal mechanism of moving the mouse to the 
> > corner, clicking and dragging.
well, like I said, that's what I do, except I use -geometry 90x90 to see how it looks 
at that size and hit 'return' per font. Preferably I automate with 'resize' it so I 
filter out the obvious candidates and don't have to look through hundreds/thousands of 
fonts. I don't see an equivalent program to resize on cygwin though.

Anyways something is out of whack. xlsfonts doesn't return (for me) any lucida console 
entries. It might be that because I'm using exceed as an xserver, and hence getting the 
wrong list of fonts. In any case, my bet is that the fonts that look perfectly
fine on XFree86 look suboptimal on exceed. Looks like I grep through the 
/usr/X1lR6 directory for pcf files..


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