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Re: Cygwin Setup 99% (fwd)


The Cygwin list does allow posts from non-subscribers, but puts them
through spam filter checks, and sometimes does not let messages through.
To find out how to be able to post without being flooded by e-mail, see
<>.  I'm directing the reply to
the list, though.

Reply below.

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Rao, Shrisha wrote:

> Hello,
> I am sending this as a personal mail to you rather than posting to
> (it apparently does not allow posting for
> non-subscribers, and is too busy for me to subscribe and follow fully);
> please excuse, and feel free to hit delete if this is an aggravation.
> On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > I thought this might be useful on the main Cygwin list as well...
> > Igor
> >
> > Open a bash shell and run "kill -9 `ps -s|grep cygpath|awk '{print $1}'`"
> > from it.  Setup should then simply continue.
> I cannot open a bash shell when the setup hangs, because Windows reports
> a "Missing Shortcut" called cygwin.bat.  Suggestions?  Thanks for your
> time.
> Regards,
> Shrisha Rao

You can always do a "cd c:\cygwin\bin" and ".\bash.exe --login -i" from a
cmd.exe shell, which would be equivalent to the standard cygwin.bat.  The
above suggested commands can then be run from that shell.
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