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Re: long timeouts on shutdown/log off

Sorry, forgot to mention, a real nasty side effect:

I cannot run the task manager - Ctrl-Alt-Del does not work!  So all I can do
is just sit there twiddling my thumbs.

I will try running the task manager *before* attempting to log off though
and see what's going on.  I will also run ps -W, ps -a and netstat -an
before attempting it too, and post all the results here tomorrow (I have to
wait a day for this problem to occur each time so the turn-around is a bit


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

"Andrew DeFaria" <> wrote in message
> Dylan Cuthbert wrote:
> > The problem:
> >
> > After about a day's work I go to logoff or shutdown and the machine
> > just sits there, fully operational and "in the process of logging
> > off", so I can't open any new tasks but I can open up a file explorer
> > window or the start menu etc. If I wait long enough (and I mean 15
> > minutes to several hours) the machine will eventually log off
> > succussfully.
> While in this "in the process of logging off" mode, start the
> TaskManager (or better yet have the TaskManager running when you attempt
> shutdown), then selectively start killing processes. If you kill a
> process and wham you logout that's probably the culprit!
> Note you cannot kill services with the TaskManager. You can either:
> Start the Services applet and attempt to shutdown the services or have a
> console window running and try net stop "sevice name" or do what I do,
> get Process Explorer from SysInternals which allows you to kill services.
> Good luck.

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