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Re: long timeouts on shutdown/log off

Dylan Cuthbert wrote:

> The problem:
> After about a day's work I go to logoff or shutdown and the machine
> just sits there, fully operational and "in the process of logging
> off", so I can't open any new tasks but I can open up a file explorer
> window or the start menu etc. If I wait long enough (and I mean 15
> minutes to several hours) the machine will eventually log off
> succussfully.

While in this "in the process of logging off" mode, start the
TaskManager (or better yet have the TaskManager running when you attempt
shutdown), then selectively start killing processes. If you kill a
process and wham you logout that's probably the culprit!

Note you cannot kill services with the TaskManager. You can either:
Start the Services applet and attempt to shutdown the services or have a
console window running and try net stop "sevice name" or do what I do,
get Process Explorer from SysInternals which allows you to kill services.

Good luck.

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