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Re: Passwordless login with ssh

On Thu, 16 Oct 2003, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

> Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> >ssh -v (or -vvv) should tell you why the authorized_keys aren't accepted.
> >It's possible the permissions are too lax on them.
> This is ending up being the culprit. You see my home directory is on an
> SMB share. Now I had set CYGWIN to "ntsec smbntsec" in the Windows
> System Environment Variables so that services would see it and I thought
> that that would propogate down to the shells. But alas our /etc/profile
> explicitedly set CYGWIN to just "ntsec". With this setting my bash shell
> could chmod 600 <file> all it wanted to but if <file> was on an SMB
> share it would not change the mod bits! Changing /etc/profile to set
> CYGWIN to "ntsec smbntsec" now allows me to chmod on SMB shares. After
> setting the permissions correclty on the files in ~/.ssh ssh'ing works!
> Now on to another problem. Perhaps this can't be done. As the user
> adefaria I wish to ssh to another machine as another user (ccadmin) and
> not be prompted with a password. Is this doable without "giving away the
> farm" security-wise? To allow certain users the right to ssh as another
> user without the need for a password?

Sure you can.  I do it all the time.  Simply generate a public/private key
pair for the user on your home machine, and add the public key to the
authorized_keys file for ccadmin.

> Finally, I would like to ssh to my home machine without needing a
> password. At work I'm adefaria, at home I'm Andrew. I wish to
> $ hostname
> adefaria
> $ echo $USER
> adefaria
> $ ssh Andrew@<home>.com
> and have my home machine set up to allow adefaria@adefaria to come in as
> Andrew.

Same as above: generate a key pair for adefaria at work, and add the
public key to the authorized keys file for Andrew at home.
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