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Yet another install issue

Hi Folks,

This doesn't appear to be a problem with the
install program per se, but when I install the
bare minimum cygwin system I get problems
on checksums on the following archive files


During the unpacking I get the error on those files
and the rest of the install goes just swimmingly. Since
I don't get the cygwin.dll, nothing works of course.

This seems to occur regardless of the mirror site.
This is a narrowed down problem, I originally tried
a complete development configuration, but
if I include more stuff during the install, I've
been having problems with downloading files

perl-5.8 /* 5.6 gives me the same problem */
gdb-x.y /* all versions available give me the same problem */

Some pertinate info:
- Win XP (all latest security patches, of which there are many)
- direct connection thru NAT router (haven't given me problems
  earlier versions of cygwin)
- Exploder v6.0.2800
- several MS developer apps (SDK, DDK, Vis Studio 7.0)

This also seems independant of the mirror site. Has anyone
seen this before? Thanks in advance for any help!

Sean Thomson

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