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long timeouts on shutdown/log off

Hi there,

Since upgrading to the latest version of cygwin (20th Sept version?) I've
had a couple of problems - one has been resolved by Pierre (the admin group
filemapping problem).  However, Pierre thinks the other problem I'm having
isn't related to that and he suggested posting it again to the list.

The problem:

After about a day's work I go to logoff or shutdown and the machine just
sits there, fully operational and "in the process of logging off", so I
can't open any new tasks but I can open up a file explorer window or the
start menu etc.  If I wait long enough (and I mean 15 minutes to several
hours) the machine will eventually log off succussfully.

The Probable Suspect:

I run an hourly cron job (just a simple shell script) on my domain user
(\\q-domain\dylan) that backs up to a linux server using RSYNC.  If I
disable this service (daemon) I don't get the problem.  This daemon and
script has been running on my machine for a month or so before the 20th
september version of cygwin with no problems whatsoever.

The user on this machine is a domain user, and the PDC is a linux redhat 8
server with the vanilla samba installed on it.  The domain user only has
local Power User privileges.  Following Pierre's advice regarding the
FileMapping problem the user's group in /etc/group is the domain group
"q-games"'s SID. (not sure if this is relevant to this problem)


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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