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decent fonts for rxvt in cygwin


I've been searching for decent fonts in cygwin, and haven't found a really good method 
for doing so.

On solaris, I do a xlsfonts, pipe it to a file, and write a script to cycle through 
the fonts at an obscenely high geometry value (ex: 500x500). Because the windowing
system prevents such a large screen, it crops the windows as they are displaying.
I then do a resize on the window, and get a list of fonts with corresponding 

I then look at the fonts with reasonable values, aiming for two windows, 90x90 (which
my monitor can reasonably support, resolution-wise). So far, the best fit I've found
on solaris is 6x9.

On cygwin its a different story though. I saw xlsfonts, but there doesn't seem to be 
an equivalent to 'resize'. 'xwininfo' is available, but it doesn't have an option
to print the information about the current window.

So, right now, I'm scrolling through the 2000 or so fonts returned by xlsfonts, manually
looking through each one. 

Any better way to do this?


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