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Re: ssmtp 2.38.7-4 reads headers from message body.

Felix van Hove <> wrote:

> -t isn't supported, see man ssmtp.
> I have no problem to forward your message without this option, same
> ssmtp version 2.38.7.

  I beg to differ (that -t isn't supported). (Of course) I have looked
into this in detail before I posted.

  The SSMTP(8) manpage says:

>        Most sendmail options are irrelevent to sSMTP. Those marked
>        ``ignored'' or ``default'' have no effect on mail transfer.
>        Those marked ``unsupported'' are fatal errors.  Those marked
>        ``simulated'' are not errors, but the result is for the
>        program to exit with an informative message. A sort of fatal
>        non-error.

  I.e. an "unsupported" option should give a fatal error, but "-t" does
*not* give a fatal error if the From: address in the body is correct.

  Also the manual page says:

> -t     Read   message, searching for recipients. ``To:'', `Cc:'', and
>        ``Bcc:'' lines will be scanned for people to send to. Any
>        addresses in   the  argument list will be suppressed (not sup-
>        ported).

  For all other options, "(unsupported)" is listed *directly after* the
option, i.e. for example:

 > -bd    (unsupported) Run as a daemon.

  For the "-t" option it is listed at the *end* (and, to nit-pick, says
"not supported", not "unsupported"). I take it to mean that it only
applies to the last sentence ("Any addresses in the argument list will
be suppressed").

  My tests prove my thinking, i.e. "-t" *is* processed. However ssmtp
should not interpret the body of the message in any way (i.e. it should
not interpret any From: line in the body), it should just send it.

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