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Program too big to fit in memory - Previous hints didn't work


I have the latest Cygwin/cygnome environment (Cygwin dll) installed two weeks ago for compiling a working program already tested in linux and solaris. The program uses the X libraries Xt, Xpm, Xaw and X11 in an interface window written in C and runs a program written in Fortran.

I compiled the interface program written in C (xgraph.c) using gcc -x -o xgraph.o xgraph.c -I/usr/X11R6/include and it created the object file without problems.

I then compiled the fortran code and linked the libraries and required object files -including the C program- as I did in Linux (I just changed the paths for the includes and the libraries) and the names of the libraries ( -lXpm -> -lXpm.dll, -lX11 ->-lX11.dll). It compiled fine and I got my object dependencies ok and the exe file without problems. But, when I tried to run the program I got a "Program too big to fit in memory" error message and it didn't run. The program is 1.4 MB and my computer has 256 MB RAM and 9 GB hard disk free space (defragmented, i.e., single chunk).

I run the max_memory program included in Chapter 3 of the users manual I think, and it reports 1560 kB. So I'm discarding real memory problems.

I have tried:
1. increasing Cygwin memory restriction using regtool for memory_chunk_in_mb to set 2048 kB. Nope.
2. compiling the code with -fconserve-space, -fno-inline, -Wl... heap and stack.... They Reduce the exe file size a bit, but still didn't work. Program too big to fit in memory.
3. stripping the exe file using strip -s <exe_file>. Reduces the size of the executable by 1/3 but still getting the same error message.

I run out of options, so I hope someone can give a hint what to do to make my program run.


4rd Yr Aerospace Eng student @

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