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Re: ssmtp 2.38.7-4 reads headers from message body.

[I hope this reply is threaded correctly. The digest version of this
list does not preserve References: etc.. I got a copy of your message
from the archive and used ssmtp :-) to send it to myself (in OE).]

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 10:35:59AM +0200, Frank Slootweg wrote:
> > [This is my first posting to this list. I hope the format is OK.]
> >
> >   I am trying to use ssmtp (2.38.7-4) as my 'mailer' in tin, the
> > newsreader. tin invokes ssmtp as
> >
> > /usr/sbin/ssmtp -t < %F
> >
> > where %F is a file which contains the header (lines), a blank line
> > (only \r\n) and body.
> >
> >   I have found that apparently ssmtp keeps reading 'header' lines
> > (like From:, etc.) *after* it has read the full header, i.e. it also
> > reads 'header' lines from the *body* of the message. For example it
> > will fail (on the "From: Frank Slootweg <>"
> > line in the *body*) with the below input file.
> More input.  What means "fail"?  What is ssmtp doing with the mail?
> Reading too much doesn't sound very desctructive to me.

  Sorry for not being clearer.

  With the example, ssmtp failed, i.e. it did not send a message.

  It should not have failed, but it failed because it used the (second)
From: line from the *body*, and that From: line was invalid ("From:
Frank Slootweg <>". It *should* have sent the
message to the From: line in the *header* ("From: Frank Slootweg

  The failure message was:

> /usr/sbin/ssmtp: smtp server didn't accept RCPT To: command, replied
> "450 <>: Sender address rejected: Domain not

(I don't know why the failure message says "RCPT To:" instead of

  Of course ssmtp should only use the From: line from the header, not
from the body. Suppose the body contained for example "From:". We would not want the message to be sent
with that From: line, do we? :-)

  I did some more testing and found that ssmtp does apparently *not* use
the To: line from the body. That would of course be even worse.

  I hope this explains the problem better.

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