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Re: Passwordless login with ssh

Mark Priest wrote:


I have a home directory with a space in it. The space appears in the directory name as well as in the entry in passwd. There is no problem supporting that in Cygwin. I had to create my home directories manually so you might want to try doing the same thing.

I might want to try what same thing? Creating my home directory? I assure you that /home/Andrew DeFaria exists. It has exists for quite some time. By and large Cygwin's OK with it. Some things don't work with it. ssh-user-config is just another one of those things...

(I could remake my home directory to not have a space in it however I'm of the opinion that since space is a valid character for a filename that programs should be coded to handle such cases).

Note I also tried:

$ ln -s "/home/Andrew DeFaria" /home/Andrew

and changing my home directory in /etc/passwd to /home/Andrew as well as trying to use /home/Andrew~1 (the DOS mangled name for /home/Andrew DeFaria) in /etc/passwd to no avail.

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