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ssmtp 2.38.7-4 reads headers from message body.

[This is my first posting to this list. I hope the format is OK.]

  I am trying to use ssmtp (2.38.7-4) as my 'mailer' in tin, the
newsreader. tin invokes ssmtp as

/usr/sbin/ssmtp -t < %F

where %F is a file which contains the header (lines), a blank line (only
\r\n) and body.

  I have found that apparently ssmtp keeps reading 'header' lines (like
From:, etc.) *after* it has read the full header, i.e. it also reads
'header' lines from the *body* of the message. For example it will fail
(on the "From: Frank Slootweg <>" line in the
*body*) with the below input file.

  Of course sending a message which contains a header in the body is
quite common, so at the moment I can not use ssmtp.

  Is this a known problem? Any solutions/workarounds/etc. (other than
'manually' quoting (">") the header lines in the body)?

  Thanks in advance for any and all responses.

[start example input file:]
From: Frank Slootweg <>
To: Frank Slootweg <>
Subject: ssmtp test

-- forwarded message --
From: Frank Slootweg <>
Subject: Re: [tin +OE ] Use OE to mail from tin?
References: <3f869331$0$445$>
Organization: NOYB
Date: 11 Oct 2003 19:42:24 GMT
Message-ID: <3f885d20$1$445$>

  Thanks, Dirk and Urs. I probably first will have a look at the Cygwin
ssmtp package. In hindsight, it probably isn't fair on tin to ask it to
invoke OE. It is already sad that it 'has' to *run on* a virus, but
asking it to willingly *invoke* one is plain cruel. My apologies! [1]

[1] For the HI: :-)
-- end of forwarded message --
[end example input file.]

[Note: I am sending this with OE, which may and may not correctly
preserve the blank line (^\r\n$) between the header and body. Of course
I have tested things with a correct blank line.]

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