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Problems with .exe files


Since upgrading cygwin a few days ago, I can no longer cp .exe files if
I don't use the .exe suffix. I can reproduce this as follows:

$ mkdir a
$ touch t.exe
$ cp t a
cp: `t' and `a/t' are the same file
$ cp t somenonexistingfilename
cp: 't' and 'somenonexistingfilename' are the same file

I also have a problem with rm (and maybe others)

$ rm t
rm: cannot unlink `t': No such file or directory

Note that  as soon as I add the .exe suffix, everthing works fine
$ cp t.exe a

This problem breaks my Makefiles (when using make install and clean).

Other maybe relevant info:

I'm running cygwin 1.5.5-1 on XP sp1.

I might have a cygwin installation that is screwed up :-( Here is why.
I did have lots of 'entrypoint __getreent missing' errors while doing
the postinstall part of setup, as was also mentioned on this list by
Tomasz Rojek
( (maybe I
had this because of an sshd daemon or so?)
I did reboot, and ran setup again to be sure. However, I don't think
this reruns all those postinstall scripts that went wrong the first
time... (For instance, info doesn't seem to have a top-level directory
Any advice on this issue will also be welcome.

Many thanks

Kris Thielemans

PS: I'd appreciate a CC to me as I'm reading this mailing list by google
and/or archive.

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