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Passwordless login with ssh

Sorry, I searched the list and did not get a definitive answer. What I'm trying to do is to secure things up a little bit around here. I would like to use ssh. But I also want to allow valid users to ssh <remove> <command> without being prompted for a password. I'm not sure this is doable.

Reading from openssh-3.7.1p2-1.README I see

   Authentication to sshd is possible in one of two ways. You'll have
   to decide before starting sshd!

   - If you want to authenticate via RSA and you want to login to that
   machine to exactly one user account you can do so by running sshd
   under that user account. You must change /etc/sshd_config to contain
   the following:

RSAAuthentication yes

   Moreover it's possible to use rhosts and/or rhosts with RSA
   authentication by setting the following in sshd_config:

   RhostsAuthentication yes
   RhostsRSAAuthentication yes

Seems to me that the above says I can only use RSA Authentication IFF I'm only want to allow one username to be able to login. Or

- If you want to be able to login to different user accounts you'll
have to start sshd under system account or any other account that is
able to switch user context. Note that administrators are _not_ able to do that by default! You'll have to give the following
special user rights to the user:

   "Act as part of the operating system"
   "Replace process level token"
   "Increase quotas"

and if used via service manager

"Logon as a service".

The system account does of course own that user rights by default.

   Unfortunately, if you choose that way, you can only logon with NT
   password authentification and you should change /etc/sshd_config to
   contain the following:

   PasswordAuthentication yes
   RhostsAuthentication no
   RhostsRSAAuthentication no
   RSAAuthentication no

   However you can login to the user which has started sshd with RSA
   authentication anyway. If you want that, change the RSA
   authentication setting back to "yes":

RSAAuthentication yes

Seems to say that I can allow multiple users to login with ssh but I can't allow RSA authentication, hence I can't have passwordless logins. Is there any way to allow passwordless logins through ssh for a group of people?
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