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RE: setup hangs during postinstall

> From: Brian Ford
> Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 7:49 PM

> On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Steve Fairbairn wrote:

> > Is it possible to put a nice big sleep into the bash script
> before the it
> > gets to the cygpath.
> > Attach gdb to bash during this sleep
> > Add a break point to the exec or whatever the function is
> > Continue until breakpoint is hit
> > Step through the whole operation of launching cygpath?
> >
> Sure, or just CYGWIN_DEBUG=bash.

 This seems to be one thing left to try. i.e.
 - get cygwin-bash sources
 - build a debug enabled version of it
 - Look up where to set breakpoints
 - understand what is _supposed_ to be happening
  i.e. understand what both Windows and Cygwin do to launch programs
 - try the above
 - find any deviations

 Just like that, simple as h*ll. ALMOST anyone can do it <BIG GRIN> ;-)
 / I'm not the right person, I see that clearly now ;-) /

 Now, I've seen no mail from CGF in a while, I wonder what he's up to...
might he be working on some idea?

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, B.Sc. EE - 59?16.37'N, 17?12.60'E
-- UTC+01, DST -> UTC+02  --

A short description of CYGWIN_DEBUG above is in
$ ls -l /src/winsup/cygwin/how-to-debug-cygwin.txt
-rw-r--r--    1 Hannu        5692 Jul 13  2002 how-to-debug-cygwin.txt

which you get hands on by using cvs as described on the CVS subpage at (after having done "cd /" first).


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