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Re: cron and hibernate

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin at cygwin dot com> wrote:
On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 04:03:56PM -0230, Paul Y. Peng wrote:
I have two problems with cron:

1. Where can I get cron.README? I found several places where this file is
   referred to. But I can't find it in my installation of cygwin. Running
   setup.exe shows that I have all files in Admin and Doc installed on my
   PC. I thought this file may be important for me to use cron properly.


Interesting. In my cygwin installation, I don't have cron.README in /usr/share/doc/. But I have a directory cron and a file README in cron. Is this the file cron.README?

2. Currently I just go to /usr/sbin/ and run cron directly. It works until
   after the PC is restored from the hibernate state. Both Windows task
   manager and bash+ps show that cron is a running process. But it just
   does not respond to the job in crontab. Does anybody have experience of
   this problem to share?

Yes, this is an internal problem of Vixie cron, not related to Cygwin. AFAIK. The same can happen on any system when e. g. the system clock is too fast and it doesn't get corrected for a while. If you then correct the setting, cron might suddenly refuse to start any process. Restarting cron is the only option I know of. I heard also about the same problem when hibernating a laptop under Linux.

Thank you for this definitive but negative answer. It saves me time to try in vain. Are there any alternative ways to do the same thing as cron? I only heard about WinCron. Thanks.



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