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possible to copy whole cygwin folder to different machine?

I apologize if this question is already covered somewhere else, but I didn't find anything with a simple search of the mailing list... I'm of course also happy for pointers to answers to be found somewhere else...

(Possibly naive) question: Is it possible to copy a whole cygwin installation from one computer and copy it to a different computer (replacing that machine's cygwin installation)?
If yes - does this work across different versions of Windows?
If no - is there any way of getting at least close to something like an easy replication of a cygwin installation?

I suppose that simply copying the folder will result in permission problems (due to different owners etc.). But maybe it is still somehow possible...?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm distributing some (free) software of mine which requires at least some UNIX administration skills to install (MySQL, Apache, DBI, Perl, etc.).
However, many potential users 1) don't have these skills and 2) run Windows rather than UNIX. If it were possible to send them a DVD with a complete installation, things would become a lot easier for everybody involved... ;-)

Many thanks in advance for any kind of help!

PS: I live in a UNIX/Mac world - so I can't try this out myself. In fact, I'm happy I finally managed to get hold of an old 300Mhz Windows-box to fiddle with things...

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