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Re: 'bison' error, possibly installation related

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Daniel Edwards wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm getting the following error when i'm running the following bison
> command
> bison -yd -r all -p _NPropMgr prop_parser.y
> Signal 6
> *** Error code 134
> However, I've recently moved the cygwin installation and remounted and I
> think this is the real problem as I can make the problem go away if i
> recreate a cygwin installation from scratch, but the environment i'm working
> in isn't going to be able to support that.
> I need to know more about the error so that i can resolve it.  I've been
> unable to find out anything so far.  I'm assuming that Signal 6 is sigalrm.
> I'd like to know how i could find out more about error code 134, or what
> bison is struggling with that causes this issue.
> thanks
> dan

When a subprocess dies with a signal, its exit status is 128+SIG, where
SIG is the numeric value of the signal.  So, 134 is just telling you that
signal 6 (SIGALRM) has been received.  No new info.
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