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Accessing files under rsync-process


I've installed Cygwin on a WindowsNT-machine and it works fine.
Now I want to transfer files using rsync to a Linux-machine. This
also works quite well. There's only one problem, that I am not
able to access some of the files and directories using rsync.

A 'ls -l' shows me in such cases, that the rights are not set (in
Unix-style) - but I am able to do a 'cd <directory name>' and
a 'cat <file name>'. If such cd- and cat-commands are working
well, why I am not able to access this files and directories using
rsync and how can I access them using rsync?

I am using Cygwin under the Administrator account and there
are two entries in the passwd file for the Administrator with
(in my opinion) right SIDs.


(The dots in the two lines above are staying for some more numbers.)

Could you give me please a hint, how I can access the directories
and files using the rsync command?

I thank you a lot in advance!!!!!

L.-I. Porges

BTW: The CYGWIN variable is set to ntsec.

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