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Re: system() refuses to work!!! HELP


When entering with the command ls -l /bin/sh.exe, the appeared following: 

-rwxr-x---+ 1 Diego  Usuários  83456 Aug 11 10:45 /bin/sh.exe 

And now? what Do I do? Does that mean something? How I said, or the command 
system() works, or I learn to activate speaker through cygwin. In ultimo 
case, whether someone knows how to execute a .WAV or .MP3 and can explain am 

The important is that my program of a sonorous warning when I need. 


As usual, apologizing me for bad English. 

Moises Deangelo. 

>Do you have the file /bin/sh.exe on your system? 
>ls -l /bin/sh.exe 
>would tell you. 

Em 14 Oct 2003, escreveu: 

>On Tue, Oct 14, 2003 at 10:50:35PM -0200, Moises D. Deangelo wrote: 
>>Hi Personal. 
>>Please, my program keep working for several and several hours. 
>>I want when he finish, which he warns me. To do not complicate my work 
>>to activate speaker, but I do not have been having success. 
>>I use platform w2k, and clear, cygwin. 
>>As I do not manage to activate speaker by cygwin, tried by the Turbo C. 
>>But my program is done in cygwin, and it does not run in TC. I tried to 
>>place in the source of my program 
>>Sound.exe is developed in TC and would be the program that activates 
>>This way, when my program finished, he would call that other program 
>>sound.exe that then it would activate speaker. 
>>But system() refuses to work. 
>>Summarizing. Or I activate speaker using cygwin, or I manage to do cygwin 
>>call a program that can activate. 
>>Can anybody help? 
>>Apologize me for my bad English. 

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