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system() refuses to work!!! HELP

Hi Personal. 

Please, my program keep working for several and several hours. 
I want when he finish, which he warns me. To do not complicate my work wish 
to activate speaker, but I do not have been having success. 

I use platform w2k, and clear, cygwin. 

As I do not manage to activate speaker by cygwin, tried by the Turbo C. 

But my program is done in cygwin, and it does not run in TC. I tried to 
place in the source of my program 

Sound.exe is developed in TC and would be the program that activates 

This way, when my program finished, he would call that other program 
sound.exe that then it would activate speaker. 

But system() refuses to work. 

Summarizing. Or I activate speaker using cygwin, or I manage to do cygwin 
call a program that can activate. 

Can anybody help? 

Apologize me for my badly English. 

Moises Deangelo 

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