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Re: relocatable cygwin installation

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Daniel Edwards wrote:

> hello,
> I have an installation of cygwin which for both convenice and consistency
> reasons should be shared between multiple users on many machines.  This is
> under a source control system so that each user is guaranteed to use the
> same utilities, on any machine, without having to undergo the installation
> process (even though the cygwin install is now quite slick, we have to deal
> with many other app too).
> Each user will view the cygwin installation from a different installation
> directory (e.g user dave will see it as n:\dave\cygwin whilst bob would see
> it via n:\bob\cygwin).  when tackling the install as a different user I
> remount the default paths but i get problems running via the shell.  i can
> not change to dir / even though this is mounted.
> If i go back to the original installation dir (and reconfigure my mounts)
> all works well again.  I'm assuming there is something obvious that i've
> missed here, but i could only find mount related issues in the mail archive
> dan

User mounts take precedence over system ones.  Log in as "dave", then
"mount -fub n:/dave/cygwin /; mount -fub n:/dave/cygwin/bin /usr/bin;
mount -fub n:/dave/cygwin/lib /usr/lib".  Repeat the procedure for every
other user that needs to access Cygwin.  Also, be aware that ntsec
settings on shared drives are controlled by "smbntsec".
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