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relocatable cygwin installation


I have an installation of cygwin which for both convenice and consistency
reasons should be shared between multiple users on many machines.  This is
under a source control system so that each user is guaranteed to use the
same utilities, on any machine, without having to undergo the installation
process (even though the cygwin install is now quite slick, we have to deal
with many other app too).
Each user will view the cygwin installation from a different installation
directory (e.g user dave will see it as n:\dave\cygwin whilst bob would see
it via n:\bob\cygwin).  when tackling the install as a different user I
remount the default paths but i get problems running via the shell.  i can
not change to dir / even though this is mounted.

If i go back to the original installation dir (and reconfigure my mounts)
all works well again.  I'm assuming there is something obvious that i've
missed here, but i could only find mount related issues in the mail archive


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