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Re: cygpath hangings

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, chris wrote:

> Chris,
> >I suspect that this hang might be happening while loading the DLL.  Could
> >you try to link your program with something like below and see if it still
> >hangs, and what it outputs?  If it doesn't hang, try renaming
> >SHGetPathFromIDList below to something else (e.g., foo) that calls the
> >real SHGetPathFromIDList, call foo() from your fee() above, and link your
> >program against both test_dll.dll and SHLWAPI.DLL.
> >       Igor
> >P.S. Please don't start new threads as replies to unrelated messages -- it
> >confuses threaded readers.
> Can I just ask (and I could be about to deeply embarass myself I think).
> How do I link against particular .dlls? up until now I've just been
> writing "gcc file.c -o file"

"gcc file.c -o file -L. -ltest_dll"
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