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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

On Mon, Oct 13, 2003 at 10:19:08PM -0400, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> Apparently you decided to bcc me on this email.
> IIRC, I asked not to receive personal email from you on this subject.  I
> suggested that you continue your discussion in the cygwin mailing list
> and it should be obvious to anyone that I read the mailing list and was
> reading this thread, in fact.  So, there was no need to do this even
> if I hadn't explicitly asked you to not send me personal mail.
> Do not send me personal email about cygwin again.

I bcc'ed you about this because it was your decision about the email was in large part
responsible for the somewhat antagonistic tone that developed in the thread on  Frankly the terseness of it (saying 'it will never happen' before
even understanding what 'it' was), and the discourtesy expressed in your 
attitude pissed me off and it is not at all professional.

And no, this email - *and the last email* - was not about cygwin, it was about conduct.
You hold the keys to some sort of power, the power to enter the developer's list, the 
power to patch cygwin effectively. For you to issue a blanket statement that I am not 
to communicate to you about cygwin and hence never to enter that list is a disabuse of 
power.  The BCC was a courtesy to you, just to remind you who said the 'blanket no' and
perhaps to allow you to re-think your position.

And FYI -  I agreed with Larry Hall. cygwin-patches is probably the better mailing list
for me; it fits more with what I want to do. If you had pointed me in that direction 
(after a couple of friendly questions on my part rather than an all-out blanket statement
saying 'it will never happen') a flame war could have been averted.

And even though this is in its essence, a personal letter, I will obey the letter of your 
law, and post it publicly. In a way, its probably better this way. Power issues are a 
matter of public import, and this is a hell of a power issue.


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