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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

Edward Peschko wrote:

Like I said, I'm not worried about my specific applications. I want cygwin to transparently and with no fuss - and correctly - build third party APIs, so I can properly link with them (and debug them if necessary).

All I can say is what I've heard many others say, which is... PTC.

We can speculate from now until forever but until and unless you try it you'll never know for sure. Let us know how you make out...

I did try it. With berkeleydb. Read my previous post.

Sorry. I didn't read it thoroughly.

Let us know how your first implementation of this concept goes...

Is this an OK from the developers of cygwin to do an implementation, with the results of that implementation being merged into cygwin? I don't want to spend a lot of time pursuing it if my results don't have a chance of being merged.

The last time I asked, the answer was no to this question.

Well I'm no developer *OF* Cygwin so I cannot comment with authority however if what you say would indeed be useful I'm sure that Cygwin people would accept or at least evaluate an implementation that you write.
I hit the CTRL key but I'm still not in control!

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