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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

Edward Peschko wrote:

As for needing two dev environments, you been instructed how to use cygwin to compile to both, so I must conclude you are not actually trying to comprehend the emails, just arguing for the sake of it.

That is exactly my point. if cygwin can do both, and cygwin can create either native win32 executables or unix executables, then WHY ARE THERE TWO PROJECTS?

Have you tried to compile an application using -mno-cygwin? Have you tried to run the resulting executable? I have. I created an application using -mno-cygwin and to my surprise it became "Windows" like in that thinks like pathnames had to be specified in Window'ese. So before, in the Cygwin environment I could:

$ myapp /path/to/file

but now, after -mno-cygwin I must:

$ myapp C:\\path\\to\\file

Without Cygwin's POSIX emulation pathnames don't translate very well. That's probably not the only thing that you'll find as "non-unix-like" in the runtime environment. As such I would think producing MingW only versions of the various Cygwin apps would be from problematic to impossible, however, you are welcomed to try if you'd like to expend the energy...

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