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Re: Possible bug in text/binary mode handling in cygwin1.dll version1.5

Vlad wrote:
>In other words, text mode is ignored if Windows-style path is
>I'm concerned about this behavior because it breaks some 3rd party
>tools that I'm using. In particular, a C compiler chokes on
>multiline macros. As a result, I have to juggle between 1.5 (for normal
>usage) and 1.3 (for running the tools that I've mentioned).
>Could somebody please look into fixing this or suggest a workaround?

I noticed this same behavior and posted on it a bit earlier this month. 
I don't have the wrinkles ironed out of my workaround yet, but it will 
use 'cygpath' to convert the Windows-style path name to POSIX. This is 
possible in bash and other shells with a construct like

$ command -option `cygpath c:\whereever\whatever`

My situation is complicated by a chain of software: A newsreader/mail 
user agent which runs in windows console mode calls an editor shell, 
which then calls a Cygwin text editor (one that has no internal line 
terminator handling). I have to get bash in there somewhere to process 
the above command line, complete with metacharacters. :(


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