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RE: Cygwin setup stopped @99%

On 12 Oct, Hannu E K Nevalainen wrote:
>  Your problem is well known, 

Yes, we've started having this problem here, since last week.

I just wanted to check the mailing list before I tried the obvious fix.

So, I can confirm that yes, the cygpath -A -P just hangs, that it can
be run manually from either a bash shell or from a DOS prompt without
hanging, and that the shell script in /usr/X11R6/bin can be run
manually and it won't hang.

I also noticed that /etc/postinstall/ is an sh-shell
script, and it calls the /usr/X11R6/bin/ bash

I also noticed that the latter script has a space between the #! and
the /bin/bash on its first line.

But those things aren't enough to explain the problem; I'd have to say
I'm mystified as to why it's happening.

Knowing the workaround is enough for now.  I've just changed our
installation instructions to add a series of manual steps:

   When the installation process freezes at 99% saying it is
   running /etc/postinstall/, do this:

   1) Start a DOS shell.
   2) Type:
   3) Type"
   4) Type:
   	ps ax
   5) Find the line that shows "cygpath", and get the leftmost number.
   6) Type:
   	kill -9 "that-number"
   7) Click back on the Cygwin setup window and wait for it to continue,
      completing the installation process.


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