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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

On 12 Oct 2003 at 15:41, Edward Peschko wrote:

> > to support just gcc.  Everyone does not want all of the 600+
> > megabytes of Cygwin just because they want a C++ compiler (or C, or
> > FORTRAN).  That is why some good, open source IDE's for C/C++ use
> > MingW as part of their full installation.  No fuss, no muss,
> > relatively lightweight download.
> > 
> > Wayne Keen
> > 
> Right.. all good points, but all minor barriers to overcome. All you
> would have to do is put an 'install mingw subset' button on setup.exe,
> and it would well, install a mingw subset and put cygwin in 'mingw
> mode'. 
> It sure would beat the install process for mingw right now, which is a
> manual horror right now involving the download and installation of
> several, separate packages in different directories. might want to mention this on the Mingw users list...though it appears you haven't looked at the 
files that are available for download there (in terms of Mingw), specifically

	If you want to upgrade or use the latest Mingw stuff/downloads, then you may have to deal with the 
consequences...but that is entirely up to you...and, as for Mingw, on this list, is for the most part OT here.  Cygwin 
docs will tell you what is included and/or necessary when you select or expect to use gcc-mingw from the Cygwin 

> If, of course -mno-cygwin == mingw, which I'm going through right now.

	As noted previously in other replies to this thread, what is provided (in terms of Mingw) within the Cygwin 
development environment is not the complete Mingw distribution, nor should it or does it need to be.  If you want the 
latest Mingw release, then take a look at the link noted above.

	Paul G.

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