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Re: merging mingw and cygwin

For crying out loud.

Edward, there are plenty of archives and resources that detail how to
achieve your stated goals. Right now you are making suggestions from a
quite apparent position of ignorance. I urge you to research before you
suggest fixing something that isn't broken. All the cygwin packages come
with source that will build. The GPL issues are clearly documented on
the FSF website - there is a FAQ on the GPL and how it applies to
binaries and source. And so forth.

cygwin1.dll, the portability layer/platform can be cross compiled to
from mingw, from linux, from BSD etc etc etc.
mingw aka the MSVCRT runtime can be cross compiled to from cygwin, from
linux, from BSD etc etc etc.
and both support native compilation (cygwin-> cygwin, mingw->mingw).

As for needing two dev environments, you been instructed how to use
cygwin to compile to both, so I must conclude you are not actually
trying to comprehend the emails, just arguing for the sake of it.


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